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Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm Back!

Well it's been a while!

I've was writing a Android application last time I posted on here and then got a contract working on Java Web based development which was all new to me. My Android app is currently in deep freeze but is about 75% complete. I think when it is complete it will be very useful to me and a few other people so some day it will be released. I suspect when I start work on it again there will be a bit of effort bringing up to date with the latest Android changes and I'll have to think about making it good to use on a tablet also.

So whats next on here. Well I've been working on the development of web application which provides a fancy almost application looking web based front end to the user using GXT which is basically GWT with a slight fancier looking style and some extra widget. Check out these technologies they are very smart. Basically you write the browser based front ends in Java and it is compiled in to html and javascript. It very similar to writing Swing type code but it runs in the browser using HTML and Javascript. You don't need to be a HTML or Javascript Ninja which personally I have no intention of being. It's useful to know the basics and perhaps a little CSS to help you with the style of components ut that is about it.

So I plan to write some blogs about what I've been learning and using recently and some general observations about Java server development.

By the way if you are interested in GWT I can highly recommend a new book which was only recently released. It is a bit of a brick however it covers everything in fine detail.


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